Finally, a school that understands me!

Everything in our lives can be personalized — our phone ringers and cases, Facebook status, clothes, and our playlists. Everything except how we learn. Today that changes! Old Brook High School allows students to choose when they go to school and which courses they work on each day. The schedule is designed to fit your life. It's a real diploma for 21st century students — and it's free.

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New Director at Old Brook

Welcome, my name is Joy Beasley, and I am the new Director of Old Brook High School!  I am excited to join the team at Old Brook and begin working with all of you.  I have an extensive background in education, having been a teacher, school librarian, academic coach and assistant principal before stepping into the role of principal in 2007. I  have had the joy of being a principal or director of a school since that time with every year bringing new learning experiences, growth and development.