Earning your diploma is the big win we’re all working for, but we also celebrate the small wins along the way. Students who lead by example are celebrated with our Student of the Month award and a brochure that highlights their successes and impact on our school community.

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Our Successes

While our graduation rates and state test scores are important, our biggest successes are our students. Seeing their faces light up when they realize they finally have a teacher who believes in them. Watching them excel in a new school full of teachers committed to their success. Cheering them on as they graduate and move on to new jobs and careers beyond our school's halls.

Some judge us only by the credits our students have earned, but we judge ourselves by the lives we help change and the life-long friendships we build.

Academic Results

Old Brook High School is one of Ohio’s top-rated drop-out prevention high schools.

  • Overall - MEETS Standards
  • High School Test Passage Rates - MEETS Standards
  • Progress (Student Growth) - EXCEEDS Standards

See our full Report Card from the Ohio Department of Education.